Since I shared poetry in the last post, I thought I’d keep up the trend today.

This time, I’ll share a poem of my own.

“Attention” was written during Thanksgiving of this year. Hearing my brother play piano for our family, I thought about how far he’s come in his music and his life. Treasuring his progress (in every area) helps make difficult times bearable. Loving him for who he is makes me vulnerable, but it also makes me proud.

On to the poem. (Coming full circle from last month:  here’s to paying attention.)


You play, ‘The Sound of Music’ for us.

We listen with pride in every right note.

My musical brother is giving us a concert.

These hands that bring us music punch walls.

These feet, pushing pedals, kick and thrash.

The man in control is, at times, out-of-control.

How could this happen? I ask. And how can I not

believe, seeing it? Sometimes miracles look like:

someone playing piano, everyone paying attention.

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