Today’s guest post (in lieu of our usual Thursday post) is over at Everyday Bright.

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I’m deeply honored to be posting there. Everyday Bright is all about reinventing your career and daring to shine…two things that writer Jen Gresham has inspired me to do. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen for supper a few months ago, and she’s been a friend and mentor ever since. You might have seen her smile in our comments, or recognize her name from Fail, Fail And Fail Again:  Why Falling Flat Is Key To Flying High (which gives a good background to today’s guest post.)

Welcome to A Wish Come Clear, readers from Everyday Bright! I’m happy you’re here.

As such, I must direct you to the ‘Subscribe’ field on your right. Well, perhaps ‘direct’ isn’t the right term. I’d like to put my arm around you and escort you over in that general direction…because when you become a subscriber, you receive a free copy of my brand-new ebook, “Your Creed Of Care:  How To Dig For Treasure In People (Without Getting Buried Alive)”. (The adorable guys at Mailchimp will send it your way within one day of confirmed subscription.)

This book is a labor of love, containing 60+ pages of true stories and essential insights.
It’s about caring for yourself as you care for others.
It’s about living a life grounded in self-respect.
It’s about loving yourself, so that you can love others from a place of peace.




PS ~ Though there’s a (lengthy) thank you section in the ebook itself, this post would not be complete without a thank you to my best friend Tamara Templeman, who spent untold hours formatting and designing Your Creed Of Care. She spent about 12 hours total (!) on Skype with me this week, doing everything in her power to make Your Creed Of Care the best it could be.

And to my husband, Jonathan, who spent painstaking hours making every detail of the new site design look amazing…

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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  1. Galen Pearl May 27, 2011 at 5:25 AM - Reply

    So glad I found you over at Jen’s blog. As I said, I have two adult sons with autism and three other kids with a variety of special needs, so your work with L’Arche and with reaching out people like me, means so much to me. Congratulations on your ebook. I am sure it will be a great success. –Galen

    • Caroline McGraw May 27, 2011 at 12:51 PM - Reply

      Thank you Galen! It’s a pleasure to see you here, and I appreciate the congratulations! 🙂

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