Welcome to the first edition of our new video interview series, You Need to Read! Today we’ll be discussing “When less is more” with Jill Winski.

That said … I was tempted not to publish this post today. In the face of all the political uproar, I wondered, Is it somehow wrong to share an interview centered on compassion and living peacefully within yourself?

But then I realized: No. Quite the contrary.

In this troubled time – a time filled with divisiveness and unkindness – it’s even more important that we stand for inclusion, welcome, and generosity.

And it’s even more important that we remember: all of those beautiful qualities begin within us.

So let’s get centered and let’s take action. Not either/or, but both/and.

Let’s call our senators and representatives, let’s stand up for what is good … and let’s do it all from a place of fierce love.

To help you get touch with that place within, listen to “When Less is More” with life coach and writer Jill Winski!

You Need to Read Series, When Less is More

Jill is a writer and blogger at The Artist’s Nest offering support for the vulnerability that comes with creativity. She’s a Martha Beck Certified life coach who helps sensitive people who are feeling stuck, vulnerable or overwhelmed take better care of themselves so they can move forward with their creative work and put their amazing gifts out into the world.

Press play below to watch the interview, or watch When Less is More on Youtube. (Note that there’s a short introduction, so the actual interview begins at 2:05.)

When Less is More

In this interview, Jill and I covered …

  • How chronic fatigue, introversion, and high sensitivity helped to lead Jill to her right life
  • How overachievers can stop pushing so hard and still make powerful creative contributions
  • Why creatives struggle with the “evil twins” of procrastination and perfectionism
  • Why we often overachieve in relationships and how to create more balanced partnerships
  • How to work with unhealthy enmeshment, protect your own energy, and become a “skilled empath”
  • How accepting our limitations and setting boundaries actually frees us
  • How doing one thing at a time can lead you all the way home
  • The details of Jill’s morning ritual, and how to develop a centering routine of your own
  • How to practice radical self-care when your normal has changed
  • Ways you can work with Jill, including a free coaching session for one lucky listener!

Sound Bytes from Jill’s Interview:

“Creative people, particularly those who are highly sensitive, can have a tendency to be really, really hard on themselves. The path is to push our work out into the world …. But we need more comfort, more coziness, more kindness toward ourselves to do what we need to do.”

“A lot of times we really make things so complicated for ourselves by believing there’s a lot to do. [But] if we can just focus on one thing, that one thing … the unfolding of that one thing will usually point us to the next right thing … or the next indicated step. What is the next indicated step? That’s really all we ever need.”

“I actually am human … here on earth in a physical body …. It takes me away from my perfectionism to realize, I don’t have to be pushing so hard all day, every day …. I’m not the one keeping the earth on its axis. It really is okay for me to calm down, take a breath, and do less. That’s one of my mantras of this year: Less is more.”

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PS – Do you remember that part in The Fault in Our Stars when Hazel Grace receives an email from her favorite author and yells, “WHAT IS THIS LIFE???”

That’s how I felt when Adam Grant sent me the link to his brilliant Harvard Business Review article co-written with Rob Rebele, Beat Generosity Burnout.

The results of their research have the power to save your sanity, so go read it. The fact that I am quoted twice is just a fun bonus.

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