“The irony of overcoming perfectionism is that it’s like playing a video game where you have plenty of lives left, but you’re so scared of getting hurt by anything. And it’s like, ‘Dude, it’s okay! The game has more lives for you!'”

This is a quote from my recent guest appearance on James Prescott’s Poema Podcast. I’m not sure why I started speaking like a California surfer – dude! – but I’m so glad to share the recording with you today.

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Overcoming Perfectionism: A Podcast

James Prescott’s Poema Podcast is all about exploring the intersections between creativity and spirituality. (Fellow podcast guests include Rob Bell, Glennon Doyle, and Laura Parrott-Perry.)

James and I had a wonderful, in-depth conversation to kick off Poema’s third season; you can listen in for free at Overcoming Perfectionism with Caroline McGraw on Podbean. (It’s also free on iTunes.)

We talked about heaven, having a sibling with autism, writing, the ethos behind this blog, harmful church experiences, how Rob Bell rocked our worlds, the roots of perfectionism, the spiral nature of change, and more.

Here are a few snippets to spark interest:

“I thought, There MUST be a place where [my younger brother] Willie and I can talk, where we can understand each other. That is my favorite definition of heaven, as a place where there are no barriers to the love between people.”

“I always felt like if I could be by myself and I could have a book, I could be safe. And I loved the idea of being able to create safe places for other people.”

“I couldn’t pick up my old Bible … but then I realized that if the person who was quoting [scripture] was a voice that I trusted, then I felt totally peaceful. Finding a voice that I can trust is like water in the desert.”

“I had to let myself get angry … at all the things that I was taught that turned out to be completely untrue. I had to get mad and mourn and grieve for all the years when I believed things that were so heavy.”

“To be human and to be humble is to not be afraid of your faults.”

“If you let [your false self] die, then you come to realize: It’s my nature to rise again.”

Overcoming Perfectionism: The Confidence Course

overcoming perfectionism The Confidence Course

In case you missed the announcement last month, I’m currently hosting a free online video series called The Confidence Course: How to Defeat Self-Doubt, Trade Perfectionism for Possibility, and Live Your Dreams.

It’s going beautifully, with thousands of thrilled listeners. We’re into the second week now, and my inbox overflows with messages from those inspired by the daily interviews.

Want to join us? You still can! Sign up to receive the series for free. There will be a full replay period at the end, so you can catch any interviews you missed.


What did you think of the Poema Podcast? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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