You guys, I finally did it.

I finally got rid of my old business cards.

It wasn’t an easy choice to make. I’d been so proud when I ordered them! They had really pretty pictures! Wasn’t it wasteful to let them go?

Earlier this week, though, I finally tossed the remaining stacks into the recycling.

Why? Because I got clear on one thing: Keeping those cards meant holding onto the past.

Those cards bore my old role of Copywriter, and they didn’t include my current role of Coach.

On some deep level, I’d been holding onto them as a way of hedging my bets. Like, “Hey, maybe if I run out of work and need to do copywriting again, I’ll be covered!”

But here’s what I realized: That’s no way to live.

Life is too precious to waste in second-guessing, self-doubt, and scarcity.

So, tell me: Can you relate?

Are you holding onto stuff from the past that doesn’t fit your vision for the future?

Are you hedging YOUR bets because you’re scared of making a mistake?

Are you longing for clarity, conviction, and a deeper sense of purpose?

If so, you have GOT to come to The Clarity Course Series!

We’re just ONE away from launch day: Monday, October 15th. The show features brand-new, never-before-seen interviews from …

  • The #2 most popular TED speaker of all time and NYT bestselling author Amy Cuddy (yes, the power posing girl!)
  • TED speaker and author Hannah Brencher
  • Olympic Gold medalist Samantha Arsenault Livingstone
  • Many more luminaries!

If you want to learn how to handle doubt, get unstuck, and live your purpose (and toss your literal or metaphorical old business cards), claim your free ticket!

Oh, and in case you were wondering: I’m all-in as a coach, and I ordered some new business cards to reflect it. 😉


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