Have you ever had the experience of reading a quote that just gets under your skin and will not leave you alone? Ever read a few words and had that shivery feeling of truth spoken directly to your spirit?

This is the Doris Lessing quote that’s been following me around lately:

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”

Amen to that, right?

That quote has helped me so much. Since I read it, I stopped procrastinating and started writing my next book.

Now, I had all kinds of reasons why the conditions were “impossible” for me to block off this creative time. For example …

“I can’t, because I need to focus on serving my coaching clients!”

“Instead of writing, I need to do more interviews and emails and push-ups!”

“I need to email my agent one more time and see if there’s news on that book deal yet!”

And so on. But what it really boiled down to was fear. Fear of starting a new project, fear of choosing the “wrong” topic, fear of discovering that I’d lost the ability to write a book … blah, blah.

Deep down, I know Doris Lessing’s words to be true. The conditions ARE always impossible … so you have to look beyond the conditions.

You need to resist the temptation to wait for a “better” time – because if you are meant to do something, then the time is now.

Most of all, you must drop down from your head and look into your heart.

You see, there is always a really good reason not to do what you’re meant to do. But again, that’s all in your head. When you listen to your heart, what does it say?

When I listened to mine, it said, “Sweet girl, you’re a writer, so for God’s sake, stop stalling and go write. Do what you know to do.”

So, that’s my challenge for you in this new year. Whatever it is you’re meant to do, get going on it.

The conditions may be impossible. I get that.

But in this card game we call life, calling trumps conditions every single time.

Imperfectly yours,

PS – I was honored to appear as a guest speaker on Petite2Queen’s latest podcast episode, Why Perfectionism Limits Your Potential and Happiness.

The hosts and I shared stories about what gives kids anxiety attacks, and how we can embrace – rather than despise – our imperfections. Listen in here!

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