“How can I have the confidence to make the time to go after my goals when my brain tells me they are frivolous?”

“How can I be more efficient with my use of time … and fit exercise into an already packed schedule? [Housework, part-time employment, half-time Ph.D. studies, dependent elderly father 90 minutes away refusing to consider moving into care.]”

Boy oh boy, could I relate to these listener questions from The Clarity Course Series. Though our circumstances are different, I know what it’s like to work big goals into an already-full life.

When I worked as a live-in caregiver for adults with special needs, I had a lot going on. I supervised a 14-person household, gave house tours and spoke at events, and wrote my first book too.

Then when I worked as a Program Director overseeing two homes, I built up a blog and successful copywriting business on the side before transitioning to self-employment.

True, I didn’t always function in healthy, sustainable ways (far from it!). But along the way, I learned a lot about how to manage my mind and my time.

If you’ve ever struggled to make time to go after what you want most, then click here to watch the new, 8:09 minute video.

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