“Help, I’m overwhelmed! If you are feeling overwhelmed, how to do you slow down to know what to focus on? 

Should I focus on decluttering and mediation first then let whatever happens happens or should I actively try to find my purpose?”

This is a great listener question from The Clarity Course Series. If you’ve been drowning in overwhelm, then here’s a lifeline to help you swim for shore. Click here to watch the new, 11:54 minute video.

Drowning in Overwhelm? This One’s For You …

drowning in overwhelm

PS – Here’s one of my favorite quotes on overwhelm, from author Brigid Schulte’s book of the same name:

“Getting out of the overwhelm, [Tara Brach] says, means waking up. Waking up to life. Waking up to the fact that it’s fleeting. That’s why there’s power in finding like-minded communities …. ‘Because when you forget, I’ll remind you that life is going to be over quickly and that this is an amazingly beautiful day.'”

Bonus Video: “How do you overcome procrastination?”

This listener question from The Clarity Course Series is a great follow-up to last week’s post on delaying decisions.

How do we break the procrastination pattern? Today’s bonus 9:48 minute video will empower you, along with this great quote from Julia Cameron:

“’Procrastination is not Laziness,’ I tell him. ‘It is fear. Call it by its right name, and forgive yourself.’”

Here’s the link to the NY Times piece I mention: Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing To Do With Self-Control)

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