“How do I not give up in the eleventh hour?”

This is a heartfelt listener question, and I take it seriously. Here’s my short answer (which connects to the theme of our featured interview this week): Don’t be that mean to yourself.

You may never have thought about it this way, but giving up on your goal in the eleventh hour is not kind. It represents a breakdown of integrity.

If you agree but still struggle with HOW to hold to your commitments, click here to watch the new, 9:55 minute video.

Don’t Give Up in the Eleventh Hour

Bonus Video: Rapid Fire Listener Questions

After the last round of The Clarity Course Series I received a bunch of questions that were more personal. So, I decided to answer them all together, rapid-fire style.

“How do you break free of bad vices?”

“What is the one habit you created that has had greatest impact on your life?”

“Do you still have doubts sometimes?”

If you’ve ever wanted a window into my life and experience, click here to watch the new, 8:23 minute video.

(Note: My microphone levels were not set correctly when I recorded this, so there are handful of slight sound distortions. I apologize for the error!)

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