“How do moms of young kids do it all?”

That listener question cracked me up. The simple answer is that they don’t! No one does. The idea of “doing it all” is a myth.

Every day, we make trade-offs. If we do this, that means that we don’t do that.

So, the question isn’t, “How does she do it all?”

Rather, the question is, “What matters most to you, personally? What do you choose, today?”

Press play on today’s quick, 5:01 minute video if you’re ready to make trade offs in order to live your dreams … and hear some big news too!

Spoiler alert picture …

how does she do it all, baby shoes

Note: I recorded today’s video in March, so the timeline has moved along since. I’ll be 33 weeks as of tomorrow.

As I alluded to in the video, this news has been a long time coming, with significant challenges along the way. Given that, I’m even more grateful to share the joy with you.

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