After years of verbal and emotional abuse – after years of constant criticism and control – this was her secret truth:

“I’m waiting for my husband to die so I can begin to live.”

That’s what one brave reader wrote to me recently. It’s an incredibly difficult truth, and it was brave of her to tell it. And with her permission, I’m quoting it here.

Yet as I wrote to her, “If you’re waiting for him to die so you can live, then you have no power. You’ve given it all away.

So, what if you turned it around? What if you took him out of the equation entirely?

Then the sentence reads, “I’m waiting for ME to die so I can begin to live.”

What if you’re waiting for the death of the version of you that is a victim of circumstance?

What if the one you’re waiting for is … you?

What if the person you’re waiting for is the one who will rise up and say:

“I am not doing this anymore. I am not living this way anymore. I am going to find a way to feel like I’m actually alive.

And it starts with finding a way to get support, to get coaching and make changes in my life. Not because anyone else wants me to, but because it’s important for me.”

If you can relate to this – if you are secretly waiting for anyone else to die so that you can begin to live – then I’m so sorry that you’ve been through so much.

And, if you have survived this much, this long, then you are more powerful than you think you are. And it’s time to reconnect with the part of you that knows your own strength.

It’s time to do the work of setting yourself free.

Let this be a new start. Let this be the time you’ll remember years from now, looking back and saying, “That was it, that was when I stopped settling and decided to save my own life.”

If you’re ready for that, the Authentic Alignment retreat is your next step.

It’s a rare opportunity to work with me personally, to solve the problem of feeling like there’s no one there to set you free. (There is – she’s you! – and I’ll help you to meet her.)

The virtual retreat is happening this Monday, September 5th (Labor Day holiday in the US), from 12pm-3pm CDT.

Ticket sales close this Friday, September 2nd at 5pm CDT.

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