How to Pursue Your Purpose with a Chronic Condition

What to do when you have big dreams and big limitations

With Caroline Garnet McGraw

Tuesday, July 16th at 11 am CDT

In this new free Masterclass, I’ll teach you my four step process for living on purpose and pursuing your path while living with a chronic condition.

Do you have this deep sense that there’s something you’re meant to do (a business, book, or creative project), yet you’re dealing with a health challenge that makes it feel impossible?

Maybe you’re…

  • Struggling with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, joint pain, or migraines
  • Severely burnt out and can’t seem to bounce back
  • Recovering from surgery, trying to heal while taking care of others too
  • Coping with a mystery illness, struggling with symptoms and wondering whether it’s all in your head

Whatever you’ve got going on, powering through the symptoms isn’t working anymore. It’s so frustrating, though, because that’s what our productivity-obsessed culture tells you to do: just use your willpower, override your body, and get on with your goals already!

So as soon as you get some energy back, you push hard to “catch up” for the time you spent feeling bad. This can work for a few days (especially with caffeine), but then the pain and exhaustion come right back…leaving you more discouraged than before.

How exactly do you get off this hamster wheel? How do you go after your dreams now, when some days you can’t get out of bed? How do you build that business, write that book, or make your art?

There is a way, and you will find it. This summer, you’re going to start doing your best work even WITH your chronic condition. Instead of getting run down and making symptoms worse, you’re going to feel better WHILE making real progress on your creative projects.

Join me on Tuesday, July 16th from 11am-12pm CDT to begin.

You’ll Learn…

  • The first and most overlooked step to managing your energy levels and feeling better FAST

  • How to tell if your priorities are out of whack (and the single best exercise to free up your time)

  • How to schedule your day to be both healthy AND productive (the few strategies that really work)

  • How to enjoy doing what YOU want to do, rather than letting guilt drive your decisions

Join LIVE on Tuesday, July 16th at 11am CDT

Caroline Garnet McGraw

For the first time in this free masterclass, I’m going public with my experience living with a rare (and often debilitating) genetic condition. I was only diagnosed last year, so before then, I had to figure out how to build the life I wanted while dealing with this mystery illness.

In the years leading up to diagnosis, I built my 6-figure coaching business, finished my first book, landed both a literary agent and a book deal, and sold over 5000 copies of that book…all while dealing with inexplicable symptoms, undergoing surgery, and having two children.

I say all that to reassure you: If you’re dealing with health challenges, I get where you’re coming from. It’s really hard sometimes. And, you still get to pursue your path and build a life that you love.

In this new free masterclass, I’ll share the exact tools and strategies that have helped me and my coaching clients, then we’ll open up for questions. To ask a question in advance, email me at caroline[AT]carolinegarnetmcgraw[DOT]com.

If you can’t attend live, rest assured: registration gets you replay access.

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