What To Do With Doubt & Discouragement

I don't know about you, but I'm in shock that it's September. Where did the summer go? The season is changing. School is starting, sweaters are on sale, and there are just a few months left of 2011. It's a time of transition, and it tends to make us question ourselves. Are we where we hoped we'd be? Are we doing enough for others, being enough? In August, my husband and I faced multiple stressors:  overwork, fatigue, illness, death, mourning, (minor) injury and car breakdown among them. It was enough to leave me weary...and when I get tired, doubt and...
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Announcing: Love’s Subversive Stance! And A Guest Post At The Bold Life, Too. Coincidence? I Think Not.

Hello everyone! For the first time ever, today's post is coming to you via video! If you're unable to watch, I've included an approximate transcription below. If you are watching via video, do scroll down to see a portrait of my dear friend Gene, and to sign up for something you won't want to miss. Also, I'm honored to have a guest post up at The Bold Life today! Writer Tess Marshall's mission is to "inspire you to follow your heart, unearth your bold, and create a meaning and love-filled life." She's created a lovely community at The Bold Life,...
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