My Life, Supported: On Setting Goals, Asking For Help + Breaking New Ground

Good morning! First, a reminder that, if you're thinking about signing on for Your Life, Supported!, now is the time to send me an email. Rates go up for sessions booked after July 1... ...which is next Friday. (Unbelievable, isn't it?) Now's your chance. In honor of the aforementioned changeover, I rewrote my support plan + tracking tool this week. In doing so, I made a fascinating discovery:  I'm in a different place now than I was just 2 months ago. 2 months ago, my support plan included goals for every area of my life. At the time, I was...
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Three Words To Set You Free: Baby, Don’t Settle ~ Guest Post At Undefinable You

Hello and happy Monday, readers, Guest post #4-in-a-row is brought to you via Undefinable You. Today's Post:  Three Words To Set You Free: Baby, Don't Settle Posting at Undefinable You (as part of the by-invitation-only Undefinably Awesome Women series) is a lovely honor. Writer Dusti Arab's tagline is a personal favorite:  "Because you're better than the white picket fence (and you know it!)" Amen to that. Welcome to A Wish Come Clear, readers from Undefinable You! I’m happy you’re here. xoxo, Caroline

10 Life Lessons From 1 Wonderful Mom

In honor of Mother's Day (and in lieu of my usual Monday post), I'd like to share with you 10 things my Mom taught me, through her words and her actions. Each line includes a link to a post that's moved me this week. 10 Life Lessons From 1 Wonderful Mom: 1. Wherever you're going, take snacks. 2. Give freely, and go beyond what's expected. 3. Always bring a gift if you'll be staying at someone else's house. Corollary:  Don't arrive empty-handed to a party. It can be flowers, wine, chocolate, a card. Whatever you choose, give to those who...
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On Taking Initiative Today (Because Baby, You Were Born This Way)

Last week's post on thinking small got me thinking about the flip side of things. Initiative. Thinking big and acting big. This doesn't have to mean acting dramatic. It means acting outside your comfort zone. It means having what my friends and I call 'brave days'. Thinking big and acting big simply means putting yourself out there. It means that you... 1. State Your Desires In yoga, there's a wonderful tradition of setting an intention as you begin your practice (or begin your day.) Your intention could be anything:  to have fun, to challenge yourself, to breathe deeply. The power...
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