You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interaction

Have you ever beat yourself up over not responding to every message you received in a day? Me too. I know how it goes. On one hand, you’re tired and overwhelmed. But on the other hand, there are emails! Texts! Calls! All demanding a response! If we check in with ourselves, we can sense which messages require our attention. However, we have trouble heeding that inner knowing because it conflicts with what we’ve been taught … If someone writes, we must write back. If someone starts talking, we must converse. If someone moves in for a hug, we must embrace....
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It’s Taboo, So Let’s Talk About It: Interacting With People With Special Needs

He was such a beautiful baby, I could hardly take my eyes off him. He was sitting in a booster seat at the restaurant, smiling and cooing, with his dad beside him and his older sister across the table. The father looked a little tired; he was wearing a business suit, so he'd probably picked up the kids right after work. Yet even so, he was speaking kindly, and I could tell that he loved his kids deeply. The little family was seated next to my best friend and me, and it was all I could do not to pull...
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