10 Reasons to Give Thanks, 10 Days Before Thanksgiving

It's that time of year. Mom, thanks for making me such a lovely princess costume for my very first 'dress up' Halloween! We're putting away the Halloween costumes (or, in my case, enjoying photos of past ensembles!) and making plans for the upcoming winter holidays. We're hitting the road and opening our doors. And in the midst of it all, we're giving thanks. And I'm thankful that, even though this week has been a difficult one for Willie, our parents, and me, it has been a time of grace as well. & I am tremendously grateful for you....
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Warning: Relational Acceptance May Lead To Surrender, Trust + Tripping Over Joy

If you've been (happily) married, you know it's practically impossible to choose a favorite photograph from your wedding day. Consider:  the people you love best, all gathered together. You and your beloved, both radiant with happiness. A beautiful location, a day of dancing, singing, laughter and celebration. That said, I won't choose a favorite...but I will share with you a photograph that definitely makes the top 10. This is a photo of me, my husband Jonathan and Leo*, our friend and former housemate. Aside from the miraculous sunshine (it had rained for days on end prior to our big day),...
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