Completing the Party: Thoughts on Grace

Once upon a time in 2008, I was on routine at L'Arche*, feeling downcast. Most of the assistants on our house team were leaving that summer. Yet even as I dreaded saying goodbye, I saw a silver lining: I'd build stronger relationships with those who remained. You can't always get what you want ... I wanted to mark this place and time when I decided against despair. So I asked Theresa** and Cassandra** if they'd like to do Sidewalk Chalk. Neither was remotely interested. (It's one of the beautiful things about L'Arche: if someone isn't interested, they'll likely...
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On Launching An Ebook (And Reliving Dance Class)

I went for a run on Saturday night, to clear my head. On the whole, I'd spent a satisfying day... shipping a thank-you gift to my best friend and virtuoso (ebook + interior) designer Tam drafting the chapter outline and first few pages of my next ebook (!) doing 2 hours, 22 minutes of line edits for "Your Creed Of Care" with Tam, via Skype eating tacos with my husband. All this should have added up to a sense of accomplishment (except, perhaps, for the tacos.) "Your Creed Of Care" was (is) moving along right on schedule. It looks amazing,...
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