Who’s Right In Front Of You?

When I first saw her, she was striding across Connecticut Avenue. Not in a crosswalk, mind you ... in the middle of the road. She had bright blond hair and a dark tan, and she was walking across what DC residents know is a very, very busy street. At rush hour. With a pronounced limp. In fact, she seemed to be almost dragging her right leg. Cars honked their horns, stopping abruptly to avoid her. Still, she carried on. Busy DC street. Photo Credit: Rachel Zoghlin I was standing on the opposite sidewalk, and she was coming right...
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What You’re Going Through Is What You Have to Give: Confessions from a (Reluctant) Reframer

It's confession time. Confession #1: I've spent the last twenty minutes checking Facebook, in a last-ditch attempt to procrastinate writing this post. Confession #2: This our ninety-sixth (96th!) post here. You'd think I'd be over feeling insecure about sharing my life stories in this way, but no. Vulnerability packs a punch. Every. Single. Time. Confession #3: For the last four weeks, I have not felt like myself. I had what I thought was the flu last month, but I've not been able to bounce back from it. And then the telltale spots appeared. Yes, ladies and gentleman, behold the twenty-six...
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