Stop Feeling Stuck and Start Trusting Yourself

Every time I start feeling stuck and unsure, I remember a woman I’ve never met. Her name was Te-lah-nay, a Native American woman displaced during the Trail of Tears. She was forced to march from her home in Alabama all the way to Oklahoma. 500 miles, minimum. …
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How Do I Trust Myself and My Inner Knowing? (Ask Caroline Videos)

“How can I learn to trust my inner voice and make my decisions based on it, no matter how odd or messy or random they look at the time?” That’s just one of the powerful questions posed in The Confidence Course survey earlier this year. As I read through dozens of responses, I felt motivated to answer and help. In this new “Ask Caroline” video series, I’m responding to your questions and coaching you toward greater clarity. Recovering perfectionists like us struggle to trust the apparent messiness of our intuition and the apparent randomness of our learning process. In this...
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