The You Don’t Owe Anyone Academy

A Brand New, 5 Month Group Coaching Program for Strong, Secretly Suffering People Who Are Done Feeling Overextended and Ready to Prioritize Their Creative Spirits, Guilt-Free.

Is This You?

  • You’re strong, smart, & capable … and you’re overextended.

  • You’re a hard worker, but stress-related illness is getting you down.

  • You’re procrastinating because you can’t “just push through” anymore.

  • You have trouble resting, even when you’re tired.

  • Your parents or caregivers expected a lot of you as a kid.

  • You sometimes go numb emotionally, so you don’t know what you’re feeling.

Done feeling overextended? Ready to prioritize your creative spirit?

Seven years ago, I had this secret fantasy. I thought about it every day, but it took me months to say it out loud.

I wanted to go to rehab!

Why? Because despite many external successes, I was struggling inside. I wanted to go to rehab to get some help for my heart and soul.

I wanted to work with people who could help me to address the high-functioning hopelessness that had dogged me for years.

The problem was, I didn’t have a drug or alcohol addiction. I didn’t have any of the socially acceptable reasons for going to rehab.

Plus, I was ashamed of the desire itself.

But since then, I’ve discovered that it’s actually really common among my coaching clients!

You see, this dream is not about wanting to be sick. It’s about wanting time, space, and support in order to heal.

How do I know that? Because I did go to rehab way back in 2016!

Through a series of fortunate events, I spent an intensive month with a high-caliber team at an atypically excellent rehab. It formed the foundation of the work that I do now.

And now, you get to enjoy the benefits of that experience … without leaving your home or doing inpatient treatment yourself. (Quality treatment programs now cost upwards of $45,000 for 28 days.)

Get away from the demands and address what’s really going on

If you are a smart, capable person who is secretly carrying a lot of emotional pain …

  • You can take the pressure off, rest without guilt, & wake up feeling peaceful.

  • You can stop holding yourself to impossible standards, & feel a true sense of confidence.

  • Rather than burning out under the weight of obligation, you can do what lights you up & prioritize your creative work.

The key to solving the “I’m overextended” puzzle is healing perfectionism. That’s what we do in …

The You Don’t Owe Anyone Academy

In the Academy, we’ll cover the Four Essential Phases of Recovery from Perfectionism:

In Phase 1, “Put Out the Fire,” we create stability and safety in our systems, using effective tools that help us regain calm and remember peace. We shift your schedule from overextended to having true free time for your creative spirit.

In Phase 2, “Build a New Foundation,” we befriend ourselves and begin to unravel the toxic shame that keeps us from trusting ourselves. We create a clear, compelling vision of the life we yearn for.

In Phase 3, “Do the Deep Dive,” we do the inner healing work that reunites us with our Self. (This is the emotional-level work that most therapy and coaching programs do not teach!)

In Phase 4, “Enjoy the Promised Land,” we relax and rediscover joy. We unravel the arrival fallacy (“Once I have/do/become XYZ, I’ll finally be happy,” and deepen our daily experience of peace.

Go From Overextended to Having Free Time!

This 5 month group coaching program runs from August 2023 through December 2023. During that time, you’ll receive …

  • 3 live group coaching calls/month on Zoom, on the first three Tuesdays of each month, from 11am – 12pm CDT (scheduled with coach Caroline and coach Leah), with recordings available

  • 1 live private coaching call/month, each one hour long on Zoom (scheduled with coach Leah), with recordings available

  • 3 coaching lessons delivered each month via videos and PDFs, tailored to the curriculum

Plus, you’ll also receive these bonuses:

  • Full access to Caroline’s entire library of over 100 expert interviews (including recommendations for which interviews to watch at which points in the course)

  • Print or audiobook copy of You Don’t Owe Anyone (your choice)

  • Bonus classes, including professional clutter clearing support and more!

The Investment:

Since this is the inaugural session of the Academy, you can enjoy a great deal of support at a fantastic value.

Tuition: Typically $6000, now $3000

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The You Don't Owe Anyone Academy

One Time Payment

Billing Address

Who this program is for

People who are reliable and self-motivated, able to work independently on assignments

People who are eager to learn and intuitive, open to doing deep emotional work

People who know it’s possible to heal from trauma and create a beautiful life

People who have read and loved You Don’t Owe Anyone

Who this program is not for

People who are unable to work independently on assignments on a consistent basis

People who want surface-level fixes and aren’t willing to do deep emotional work

People who aren’t willing to take full ownership of their current experience

People who are more interested in productivity than personal transformation

Live free from the weight of expectations and move forward without apology.

This might sound crazy, but I don’t think that you need to be “more motivated” or “more productive.”

In the Academy, we focus on subtraction. We help you strip away everything that doesn’t serve you, so you can discover the sense of meaning and purpose and strength that’s been within you all along.

The people who need this process the most are the “good” people – the over-functioners who work hard and carry crushing responsibilities.

See, in order for us to actually subtract anything from our lives … we need to feel years of suppressed feelings. We need to do emotional-level work, to heal the underlying core issues that keep us working so hard in the first place.

The deep inner work is what makes everything else possible.

Without that foundation, we’ll just keep wasting tons of energy shoring up structures that should have fallen a long time ago.

But once we build that foundation? Anything is possible.

Just in the last year, I’ve had clients …

– Quit dull, crushing, and low-paying jobs and get hired for great new ones
– Quit prestigious, high-paying, exhausting jobs to get some freaking rest
– Stop undercharging and triple their revenue in their businesses
– Step back from dysfunctional, abusive relationships and finally fall in love
– Make practical plans to live at the beach full time, just like they’ve always wanted to

The You Don't Owe Anyone Academy

One Time Payment

Billing Address

About Caroline Garnet McGraw

Caroline Garnet McGraw is an author, speaker, and coach for recovering perfectionists. She’s the author of You Don’t Owe Anyone: Free Yourself from the Weight of Expectations (Broadleaf Books), which has sold over 3000 copies and been translated into 3 languages. Caroline is the creator of A Wish Come Clear, a popular blog devoted to trading perfectionism for possibility. She’s a two-time TEDx speaker, and her most recent talk was quoted on the front page of the Harvard Business Review. She lives in Florence, Alabama with her family.

Enrolling now! Doors close on Friday, July 21 at 5pm CDT.

The You Don't Owe Anyone Academy

One Time Payment

Billing Address

The program runs from August through December 2023. Group coaching calls with coach Caroline and coach Leah are scheduled for the first three Tuesdays of each month, from 11am – 12pm CDT. Recordings of group calls will be sent out shortly after the live calls. Private coaching calls with coach Leah are scheduled according to your personal availability, between 7am and 7pm EDT.

You’ll receive a lesson each week via email for the first 3 weeks of the month; the fourth week is for integration or catch up time.

Bring your questions to the live group coaching calls, and to your private coaching sessions! In order to simplify and create a richer experience for you, we will not host a Facebook group. (What a relief!) You will not need to be on social media in order to participate fully in this program. All you’ll need is an internet connection, email, and Zoom. We do ask that you turn your video on during Zoom calls whenever possible.

Yes! While the program is pay in full upfront, you do have the option to divide the amount into smaller payments by selecting the Klarna financing option at checkout. Also, check your email for special coupon codes!

No, there are no refunds available for this program. This is a moment to trust yourself and decide whether it’s a fit for you.

Client Testimonials

I think of myself as a highly self-sufficient person, always used to solving my problems on my own, working on myself to be better, perform better, and live better.

At one point though, when things became unbearably hard and confusing, I did not see a way out and felt paralyzed to take any action for fear of failing, I came to realize what a struggle it is to solve everything on my own and not asking for help. I finally reached out to Caroline and I am simply amazed by how much better I feel now and how much better my life is going.

Her seemingly inexhaustible set of tools combined with her ability to make me feel completely safe has given me the courage to explore long-buried emotional issues and resolve them. With her help and gentle guidance, I have given myself permission to finally look at what I want and go for it. All of this in a structured way, with a clear vision and clear next steps.

Life gives you what you need and what you can bear. With Caroline by my side, I feel my self-development has taken on a much quicker pace, as life
consistently confronts me with new possibilities for great insights and self-improvement – and she is there to help me embody and live these insights.

I know I am finally on my path. Not the one I thought I needed to be on, not the one I took on half-heartedly because it was expected of me; but really, truly my path. And I have new-found strength and newly learned skills to walk this path and finally enjoy the process.


I just cannot express to you how wonderful it is to be working with you! I had so many insights even before working with you, and I feel so held and supported. You are modeling for me how I want to be with my own clients. I feel like I’ve made so much progress just today, leaps and bounds beyond what I’ve done up to now.

Before I came to you, I struggled with big financial challenges. I was doing meaningful work with my clients but running myself into the ground, over-accommodating everyone else’s needs before mine. I struggled to see how I could live my vision of a peaceful life with lots of quality time for solitude, writing, and connection with my husband, and still pay our bills.

And while it’s still a work in progress, the way I relate to money has shifted significantly. My financial anxiety no longer keeps me up at night. Through working with you I came to realize that I have a huge fear of making others uncomfortable, and that fear has been making my decisions for me, especially financial ones. I have now confidently raised my rates in my own business, and doubled my monthly income! I’m also creating new income streams that feel much easier and freer – and much more fun! – than the old ones did. I’m owning my skills and talents, and I’m no longer selling myself so short.

I’ve done a lot in a short time, but it hasn’t felt oppressive. Rather, it’s such a joy to work with you. My husband and I went to a grocery store about 45 minutes away from home one evening to get some things we can’t get locally. On the way there and back, I was sharing with him various words of wisdom from you, and he was impressed. It’s wonderful not only that he believes in me, but he can also see the value in how you’re helping me. That’s gold!

Thank you for all of your help. I am so grateful for the way you’ve been able to seamlessly handle my personal goals and growth, while also honoring and digging into my psychological past. It’s a really beautiful combination and exactly what I was looking for when I first signed up to work with you. That ability is so powerful and allows me to be myself when I’m with you.


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