This is the deep-down truth that you’ve known for a long time …

You want a different life.

You want to change careers, or start your own business. Either way, you want OUT of the current grind. You’re ready to live on-purpose, rather than just getting through the days.

You’re a careful thinker, though. And while it’s tempting at times, you don’t actually want to blow up your entire life right now. You want to do work that’s right for you, and you also want to honor your relationships and responsibilities.

Most of all, you want to FEEL different. Happy. Confident. Free, rather than shackled to the same-old, same-old.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that it’s just you, that you’re the only one who feels the chains.

But you’re not alone at all.

As a coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of people like you, people who feel trapped by their current circumstances.

In the process, I’ve noticed two key factors that determine whether you will or won’t create freedom for yourself.

Will You Break Through or Not?

The first factor is your ability to do what you say you will do … that is, your integrity. Do you keep your word to yourself and others?

The second factor is your willingness to do the work.

If you’re feeling trapped in your current life – imprisoned by a circumstance you’re unable to escape at the moment – building a breakthrough will save your sanity.

Building a breakthrough means being willing to learn, and trusting yourself to take action.

And if you’re smart, you don’t go it alone.

To break through safely, you need support. You need tools and techniques to help you progress. You need someone to help when you hit a wall and can’t see a way around it.

If you’re serious about creating a new life for yourself, then this is where you start.

Build Your Breakthrough

The Build Your Breakthrough Package is for you if …

  • You’re not sure exactly what work you’re meant to do, but you do know you need to get moving and not waste any more time! OR
  • You have an idea of what you’re meant to do, but you’re feeling stuck in “supposed to” and don’t think that it’s possible to break free, OR
  • You know what work you’re meant to do and believe that it’s possible, but you’re still feeling trapped and anxious and it’s slowing you down.

What’s Included

The Build Your Breakthrough Package includes 3 valuable components …

—> A private, one hour Deep Dive Coaching Session with me (Caroline), where you’ll receive personalized coaching and support for your next steps. Prior to the call, you’ll complete a questionnaire designed to ensure that we use our time wisely. You’ll leave with a customized action plan including recommended resources to carry you forward. Note that this session must be booked within 4 months of package purchase.

—> Over 100 interviews with top experts, including New York Times bestselling authors, top TED speakers, Harvard University and Wharton Business school professors, hugely successful entrepreneurs, and many more. It’s over 50 hours of stories and strategies to help you succeed. The entire virtual library of videos and interviews includes:

The Confidence Course Series (2018) – $197 value; The Clarity Course Series (2018) – $197 value; The Clarity Course Series (2019) – $149 value; Clear Confident You (2019) – $197 value; The Make It Matter Series (2019) – $149 value; The Pursue Your Path Series (2020) – $197 value.

—> Never-before-sold bonus interviews with me (Caroline Garnet McGraw), including Productivity For Perfectionists, Artist’s Ascension, Author Your Life, Fun Fierce Freedom, Skyrocket Your Online Business, and Post-Traumatic Enlightenment! ($111 value)

Meet Your Guide

I’m Caroline Garnet McGraw, and I’m an author, speaker, and coach for recovering perfectionists. My new book You Don’t Owe Anyone: Free Yourself from the Weight of Expectations will be published by Broadleaf Books in April 2021.

I help women (and those who identify as women, and a few brave men!) who are great at doing what they’re “supposed to” do start doing what they’re MEANT to do. I’m the creator of A Wish Come Clear, an online community of thousands trading perfectionism for possibility.

My writing has been featured in major publications including The Huffington Post, Momastery, and Women For One, and I’ve given two popular TEDx talks on perfectionism.

Create Your Freedom

The total value of the Build Your Breakthrough Package is $1797.

For a limited time, it’s available to you for $1797 $397.

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