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Full Bio

Caroline Garnet McGraw is an author, speaker, and coach for those who are ready to stop doing what they’re “supposed” to do and to start doing what they’re meant to do. She’s the author of You Don’t Owe Anyone: Free Yourself from the Weight of Expectations (Broadleaf Books 2021). Inspired by her viral essay on The Huffington Post, You Don’t Owe Anyone has sold over 5000 copies; it has been translated into three languages and was recommended in Publishers Weekly.

Caroline’s writing has been featured on many major websites including Glennon Doyle’s and Gretchen Rubin’s. Caroline has given two popular TEDx talks (one of which was quoted in a Harvard Business Review cover story), and keynote presentations across the country. Caroline is an honors graduate of Vassar College.

Short Radio-Style Bio

Caroline Garnet McGraw is the author of You Don’t Owe Anyone: Free Yourself from the Weight of Expectations; the book has sold over 5000 copies; it has been translated into three languages and was recommended in Publishers Weekly. Caroline is also a two-time TEDx speaker and a coach helping people stop doing what they’re supposed to do and start doing what they’re meant to do.

Personality Style

For those of you who geek out on personality types as much as I do, I identify as an Enneagram 1 wing 9, a Perfectionist with a Peacemaker wing, and my Myers-Briggs type is INFJ.

Past Speaking Engagements & Praise

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Sample Interview Questions, You Don’t Owe Anyone

What’s the story behind the title, You Don’t Owe Anyone? Where did that come from? Why is it so meaningful?

How did you become aware that there was a link between perfectionism and lack of freedom? Isn’t striving for excellence a positive trait?

In the book’s Introduction, you talk about how perfectionism arises as a response to trauma. What does that mean? What about people who don’t think they have trauma, but struggle with perfectionism?

In your book you also talk about perfectionism, people-pleasing, and self-harming as addictive behaviors, regardless of whether or not there are substances involved. What’s the connection there?

I’ve heard you say, “I was in a cult, and I was good at it” – what’s the story there? How might readers who haven’t had that experience still see themselves in that part of your story?

Where do all of our strict internal rules come from? Why do we effectively make our own inner prisons? What has helped you to free yourself?

What if you are aware of a certain a truth on the mental level – for example, you might say, Okay, I can sort of accept the idea that I’m free, or I don’t owe anyone – but that awareness isn’t reaching your heart or changing how you feel? What do you do when you’ve tried so hard to wrap your mind around an issue like this, but you don’t feel any better emotionally?

What do you say to people who ask, “Isn’t it dangerous to go with your heart rather than playing by the rules? What if you lose friendships? What if people get mad at you?”

What are your top tips for others who are terrified of making a mistake? What would you say to someone who thinks, “I can’t trust myself, I’m not good enough” … ?

What does life look like when you’re not micromanaging, controlling, and trying so hard to get everything exactly right? What happens when you take the pressure off? Is there something scary about asking, “Who am I without that?”

Selected Text-Based Interview

Featured guest on Gretchen Rubin: Caroline McGraw Author Interview: “I Was So Desperate to Put my World in Order that I Folded My Dirty Laundry”, March 18, 2021

Selected Podcast Interviews

Featured guest on Enneagram and Coffee Podcast with Sarajane Case, April 30, 2021
Featured guest on Poema Podcast with James Prescott, April 12, 2021
Author Spotlight Event with Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, April 9, 2021
Featured guest on I Get It Podcast with Tera Wages, April 6, 2021
Featured guest on The Dr. Valerie Podcast with Dr. Valerie Rein, April 2, 2021
Featured guest on Gratitude Cafe with Sue Lundquist, live radio spot, March 16, 2021
Featured guest on Gentle Rebels Podcast with Andy Mort, March 12, 2021
Featured guest on Changeable Podcast with Dr. Amy Johnson, March 8, 2021
Featured guest on Clarity On Fire Podcast, February 27, 2021

Selected Video: Caroline’s TEDx talks

Keynote Presentation, Heart of L’Arche Fundraising Breakfast

April 25, 2018; over $135,000 raised to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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