How To Find Contentment in the (Painful, Crazy, Joyous) Present Moment

Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought, What a window into another world ? That's how I feel when I see this picture of my friends Gene and Allison, snapped at a L'Arche dance in July 2007. At the time, I'd been at L'Arche just over a month, and so, though we liked each other immediately, we were all relative strangers then. When I look at this picture now, I take in the bright colors, the glad energy, the happy smiles. I take it all in, thinking, "God, we had no idea what was coming." We didn't know how...
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How To Be Anxious & Stressed…& Then Not.

During my first week at L'Arche, I heard someone say, "Today was a thorough day." As it turns out, this is L'Arche-speak for God-awful stressful and 10+ hours and You don't want to know. This week was full of thorough days. I helped my friend William* get through a major surgery and transition back to L'Arche. He had surgery on Monday, and he came through it well. Along with the assistants, I spent hours each day in the hospital. By Thursday, he was ready to return home, and I blocked off the entire day to facilitate the process. Photo...
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