Eat Enough, Sleep Enough, and Choose to be Happy

My friend’s seven year old son struggles with anxiety and feels life very deeply. So his dad developed this mantra to help him remember the basics: “We’re going to eat enough, We’re going to sleep enough, And we’re going to choose to be happy.” …
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The Ultimate Guide To Streamlining Daily Routines (Saving Your Sanity, Part 4)

What if you could get 1,575 hours worth of life experience distilled, for free? I worked as a live-in direct care assistant at L'Arche DC for two years. During that time, I averaged 6.5 house routines per week. (When people with intellectual disabilities are home, an assistant is guiding them in daily life routines.) Taking vacations and assistant shortages into account, and incorporating additional routines I've done in the last 2 years, I have completed more than 350 daily-life routines for other people. Given that each routine lasts an average of 4.5 hours, this lends me approximately 1,575 hours of...
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