Spend It Offering Light: Week 1

Today is the day: our new series, “Spend It Offering Light” (#OfferLight) starts now, with essays from Brooke Adams Law and Abby Norman! This recent post inspired the idea, and the stories I’ve received have been breathtaking. “Spend It Offering Light” features real people turning their fears into something that helps others, into light. …
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Why Being Sick Is Awful (And Invaluable)

This past week, I got sick. Flat on my back, barely able to walk to the bathroom. You've been there. I had to cross 4 days off my calendar, disappoint people, field emergency line calls for L'Arche, and deal with how gross I felt from not showering. All of this led to me bursting into tears. Author's note:  Said crying took place before Hulu allowed me to rediscover a long-lost love for (the early seasons of) 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' My inner 13-year-old was thrilled. The entire Season 3! It was all I could do to keep from calling my...
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