Have you ever had one of those “big-deal” dreams in which you just KNOW that God, the Universe, your higher self, is trying to get a message to you?

For a little while last week, I was in a bad place. Partly it was past trauma coming out to play, and partly it was energetic debt. After the high of the You Don’t Owe Anyone book launch, I spent many hours recording the audio book.

Recording the book was well worth it, and I cannot wait to share it with you! The audio book is available for preorder now and releases on June 15th.

Recording studio

(The cozy cave-like space at Noiseblock Studios where we recorded the audio book! Thanks to Chris Bethea for engineering this project.)

But afterward … I crashed.

I was in what Anne Lamott calls “bad mind”, terrified of my own thoughts, down and depressed. (And then I was feeling guilty about this experience, both because I have a great life and also because I’m a coach, darn it, and shouldn’t I be happy all the time?!)

I felt sad and weary and lost, and I judged myself for all of it.

Then one night this week I dreamed that I saw Oprah at a grocery store. I was in the produce section, looking at lettuce, and all of the sudden, there she was. Oprah!

Crazier still, I went right up and talked to her. I told her how I’d been feeling lost. I asked her for help. I asked her to tell me what to do.

She looked me in the eye and told me two things. I felt the truth of these statements in my whole body.

First, she said, “Honey, you have a light inside of you. You just need to find the God within you.”

And when she felt my fear that I was somehow veering off course, somehow missing the mark of life, she said, gently but with confidence:

“Oh, you? You’re going to live YOUR life perfectly.”

I love that the Oprah in my dream emphasized the YOUR. As in, this is YOUR journey, you don’t need to look to others, or an imaginary ideal, for comparison. Just walk YOUR walk.

I woke up from this dream feeling physically strengthened, as though I’d had an IV dose of some wonderful, necessary nutrient.

I share this just in case you – like me – need an infusion of hope.
Just in case you’ve been feeling down, or lost.
Just in case all of this being human feels hard.

Dear one …

You have a light inside of you. You just need to find the God within you.

And you? You’re going to live YOUR life perfectly.


PS 1 – Thank you to every one of you who has ordered You Don’t Owe Anyone and posted your review! As of this writing, we’re at 59 five-star reviews on Amazon, which is amazing.

If you’ve already read and loved the book, please leave your review on Amazon. It’s a super quick two-minute favor that would mean the world to me.

Here’s the direct link to review right now.

PS 2 – You Don’t Owe Anyone was featured on the Enneagram and Coffee Podcast with Sarajane Case this week! Listen in on iTunes or on Spotify, or wherever you hear podcasts.

Enneagram and Coffee

This post was originally an email missive to my community, sent on Wednesday May 5th 2021. Since so many of you wrote in to say that it moved you, I’m sharing it on the blog as well.

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