Waiting for them to die so you can live?!

After years of verbal and emotional abuse - after years of constant criticism and control - this was her secret truth: "I'm waiting for my husband to die so I can begin to live." That's what one brave reader wrote to me recently. It's an incredibly difficult truth, and it was brave of her to tell it. And with her permission, I'm quoting it here. Yet as I wrote to her, "If you're waiting for him to die so you can live, then you have no power. You've given it all away. So, what if you turned it around? What...
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Spoiler alert! The intruders aren’t your biggest problem.

When I wrote to you about my recent dream - with the menacing intruders who broke in and took over my house for a party, then were so convivial that I nearly lost sight of the hostage situation - many of you said that that story resonated. To quote one reader: "The party at your house is exactly how it feels in my life ... Because you do start to feel that it's not all that bad, and you can be a part of it, even though you didn't want it! I still don't know what to do with that..."...
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