The Secret To Interpreting Your Childhood Dreams: Guest Post At Everyday Bright (& An Ebook Launch!)

Today's guest post (in lieu of our usual Thursday post) is over at Everyday Bright. Click here: The Secret To Interpreting Your Childhood Dreams I’m deeply honored to be posting there. Everyday Bright is all about reinventing your career and daring to shine...two things that writer Jen Gresham has inspired me to do. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen for supper a few months ago, and she's been a friend and mentor ever since. You might have seen her smile in our comments, or recognize her name from Fail, Fail And Fail Again:  Why Falling Flat Is Key To...
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Your Own Improbable Peace: 4 Suggestions For Serenity

I keep telling my husband that we jinxed it. First, there was a mention of Vincent's* upcoming birthday. (Vincent always has some kind of medical emergency on or around his birthday.) Next, there was the way we said, "Finally, a quiet weekend at home. A normal, peaceful Saturday." You see where this is going, right? We were awakened by the L'Arche emergency line on Saturday morning. Vincent had stroke-like symptoms, and an ambulance took him to the hospital. It turns out that Vincent didn't have a stroke (thank God), but that he needs further tests to determine what's happening. And...
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