I had my first panic attack in the first grade, when my teacher returned my paper with “See Me” written in red ink.

Getting a “See Me” meant lining up by the teacher’s desk and waiting to talk to her privately … in front of everyone.

I’d always had “Excellent” on my papers before, and I thought a “See Me” meant that I’d screwed up.

At six years old, I couldn’t handle that. When I walked to the front of the room, my breath came in short, fast gulps.

School table

I scrubbed my tear-stained face with shaky hands, trying to cry quietly enough that the other kids wouldn’t notice.

When my turn in line came, the teacher took one look and said, “Caroline, what’s wrong?”

I just handed her my paper and waited for the death blow. But she said I’d done a great job, and she just wanted to tell me that in person.

The relief was exquisite … but that wasn’t what mattered most.

As I stood hyperventilating over my imaginary mistakes in the “See Me” line, I discovered that I could survive not being perfect.

It was my first hint that the human spirit is a phoenix, able to rise from the ashes.

But you know what I didn’t realize until recently? In Greek mythology, the phoenix actually sets its own nest on fire.

Therefore, the phoenix isn’t a victim; it CHOOSES the flames of transformation.


So my question to you today is: Are you ready to set your own “nest” on fire? Are you ready to burn up the old and welcome the new?

If you’re afraid, know that that’s normal. But also know this: You’ll feel uncomfortable either way.

I learned this powerful concept from coach Brooke Castillo. She says that approximately 50% of the time you’re awake, you’re going to feel uncomfortable in some way.

But you get to choose the TYPE of discomfort you feel.

If you choose the braver route, know this: It’s not work to undertake alone. We all need someone to stand with us in the flames, to assure us that we will rise again.

If you’re ready for transformation, book a free Clarity Call with me, and I will stand with you as a coach. You have nothing to lose except your limits.

Here’s to you stepping into your power and saying, in the words of the poet Louise Gluck: “I was brave, I resisted, I set myself on fire.”

Yours with gratitude,

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