Thank you so much for your brave, courageous responses to my questions last week! So many of you wrote back, which is fantastic. While the stories are different, there are common threads. Here’s what I’m hearing from you.

If you didn’t feel guilty, if you were truly free …

Instead of exhausting yourself so that everyone else is okay, you’d take time to listen to yourself. You’d discover what you want and who you really are.

Instead of appearing to have it all under control and managing people’s expectations, you’d pay attention to whether you, yourself, are happy.

Instead of splitting your time into so many pieces, you’d make time to enjoy your life and do the things you love. The weight of worry would slide off your shoulders, and what a relief that would be. It would all feel so much more peaceful.

Instead of forcing yourself to stay, you’d leave, or quit – finally! You’d give up the things that don’t serve you, and make room for those that do. You’d do the things you love.

If you’re completely honest with yourself, you already know what you need to do next.

You need to take the voice inside of you, and let it guide your decisions on the outside.

Those of you who are literary nerds like me may remember learning about the Hero’s Journey framework, famously identified by Joseph Campbell. The first few steps are:

1. The ordinary world.
2. The call to adventure.
3. Refusal of the call.
4. The mentor.

Here’s how this translates:

You’re going about your ordinary life, thinking it won’t change, and then you get the call to adventure. The voice of your soul that says to you: “Go, move, do this, quit that, be brave.”

This is terrifying, so you do what any sane person would do – you refuse the call! You hang up the metaphorical phone! You say, “That’s too much for me. I’ll just stay here in denial.”

But the call is really persistent. It keeps showing up and tugging at your sleeve. It will not leave you alone.

You shame yourself for not answering, for being weak or “lazy” … but the truth is, you’re very scared.

You’re being pulled forward into the future, even as you’re also clinging to the past. As a result, you feel incredibly stuck.

Then, just as you can’t take the inner conflict any more … a mentor appears. Often they show up suddenly, taking a form you don’t expect.

The mentor’s role is not to tell you what to do or where to go. Rather, they are there to help you learn how to trust what you already know, and become who you already are.

As I read through your responses this week, I saw so many of you in that in-between space, teetering on that precipice between what was and what will be.

You’re about to become a truer version of yourself. It’s scary as anything! But you also know it’s TIME.

If that feels right to you: Let’s do the Live Your Truth Challenge together.

This past winter, we did the first-ever version of this challenge. Now, I’ve taken what I learned and made it even more powerful. Only the landing page is the same as before – the rest of the content is new. (If you joined in before, this is a new experience for you, too.)

The challenge will run for 5 consecutive days, from this coming Monday August 22nd through Friday August 26th. Each day, you’ll get a new video with never-before-told stories and a practical, 5-minutes-or-less action challenge. Watch and do the challenges anytime that works for you.

Since I always respect your privacy, you are not automatically subscribed to Live Your Truth. Much as I hope you’ll move forward into Step 4 of your heroic journey, it’s 100% your call.

Go here to get free access to the new Live Your Truth challenge.

I’ll see you on the other side!


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